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May 31, 2016

0:00 VA Beach and Friends Theme Song
8:00 - Russian Nationals mess
24:00 JRob update and reflections
39:00 Coaches going after kids who already verbaled. 
55:00 Willie has the plan for the Pro League

May 26, 2016

0:00 - Handling Negative ‘Wrestling’ Stories

8:00 - Minnesota - Xanax issue

25:00 - Recruiting Rewind

38:00 - Russian Nationals Are Starting

43:00 Nahshon Makes his big announcement

May 24, 2016

0:00 Wrestler Sensitivity

06:00 - We try to approach athletes with kid gloves, still feelings get hurt.

14:00 - IMAR to 165 - How he stacks up.

20:00 - Hodge contenders next year

22:00 - BTS fun - J’den, JB, Kids did great.  Ladies smashed.  Bisek right there.  

25:00 - The growing popularity of the JR’s

30:00 - Junior Trials Results

56:00 - Brewer to NLWC

58:00 - ODU Probs

May 17, 2016

1:00 Christian’s Austin trip

6:00 Flower seeds the new bath salts?

7:00 Birthdays around the wrestling community

9:00 Flo memories

12:00 Pulling a piece out on the mat in Russia during league play

18:00 Columbia’s Fronhofer steps down

24:00 Destination job vs building a resume

29:00 Blees to VT

32:00 Two piece proposal in Washington to replace the singlet

34:00 Russell Westbrook a good wrestler?

39:00 United World Wrestling new uniform

41:00 IMAR Changing Weights

43:00 Alex Cisneros signs with Nebraska Kearney

45:00 Beat the Streets

45:00 Meisam Mostafa Joukar vs J’den Cox

0:48 The Stache vs Hyeon-Woo Kim

0:53 Goleij vs Zahid battle of junior stars

0:54 Additions to the field for the juniors trials process

0:58 Rapid junior team picks

1:01 BTS press conference

May 12, 2016

Order of Show:

0:01 Molinaro earned his way in

0:08 Russia selecting their team

0:12 Toughest time to qualify and medal?

0:15 Non-Olympic weight worlds

0:19 Pico’s focus to stay on wrestling

0:25 Willie’s MMA concern

0:29 Metcalf at 70kg? What’s his future?

0:34 Penn State to send multiple guys to Junior WTT that weren’t at nationals

0:35 Willie getting pepper sprayed in Budapest

0:41 Is Brazil going to be ready?

0:44 Mendoza and Cherrington finalists at Boise State

0:47 Troy Steiner in the middle a wrestling hotbed at Fresno

0:50 Marsteller to Lock Haven

0:52 Ryan Blees on the move?

0:55 The Ohio State’s future lineup

May 10, 2016

0:01 Willie’s pet lobsters

0:03 Overnight viewing of last chance

0:06 Trials process change is ludicrous

0:18 Unbalanced brackets totally unfair

0:25 Good qualities in the eyes of the IOC aren’t best for wrestling

0:31 Nenad Lalovic understands we need to stick with the current rule system

0:36 Where will Jordan Burroughs stack up when he is finished?

0:39 Countries in the brackets after earning licenses due to the license getting pulled

0:44 Danny Vega to Iowa State news doesn’t sit well with Linland

0:54 Nahshon Garrett to ASU….???

0:56 Troy Steiner to Fresno State is close to done

0:58 Outdoor wrestling at Rutgers


May 5, 2016

Order Of Show:

1:00 Easton vs The World 103-145

5:00 Matt Lindland’s interview

9:00 Cohlton Schultz is finished with folkstyle

12:00 High school straight to Greco Roman?

14:00 Financial reward of Olympic success

18:00 Foxcatcher documentaries

22:00 Ramos to UNC

26:00 Will Makhov wrestle both Greco Roman and freestyle?

28:00 Frank Molinaro’s qualifying chances?

30:00 Potential qualifiers

32:00 Recruiting ranking bias against PA?

35:00 Breaking down the classes

48:00 Teams looking to climb with solid recruiting classes

54:00 Academies doing well in recruiting

58:00 Beat The Streets lineups

59:00 Christian’s comedy routine and yard sale preparation

May 3, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Christian explores Vegas 0:03 Tony Ramos to UNC 0:05 Ronnie Bresser looking to leave Oregon State? 0:07 Fresno State ups their ante to attract applicants that were turning down the job 0:12 Rich Bender dropping USAW freestyle coaching applicants 0:19 Olympic vs non-Olympic weights 0:21 Cadet and Junior Greco World Results 0:25 Is Reenan big enough to medal? 0:27 Yianni vs Eierman officiating 0:30 Challenges before quarters 0:33 Weight-by-weight freestyle breakdown 0:34 Spencer’s domination 0:36 Gavin Teasdale is game competition for Daton Fix 0:40 Mitchell McKee waits for a tough challenger 0:42 Who will challenge Pantaleo for the spot at 66kg? 0:47 74kg was an incredible show 0:51 Zahid owns the series again Myles Martin 0:53 Will Cassar challenge Seely in Dallas? 0:54 Delaying the trials process to compete at Beat the Streets in New York City 0:58 PSU lineup next year and in the near future