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May 17, 2016

1:00 Christian’s Austin trip

6:00 Flower seeds the new bath salts?

7:00 Birthdays around the wrestling community

9:00 Flo memories

12:00 Pulling a piece out on the mat in Russia during league play

18:00 Columbia’s Fronhofer steps down

24:00 Destination job vs building a resume

29:00 Blees to VT

32:00 Two piece proposal in Washington to replace the singlet

34:00 Russell Westbrook a good wrestler?

39:00 United World Wrestling new uniform

41:00 IMAR Changing Weights

43:00 Alex Cisneros signs with Nebraska Kearney

45:00 Beat the Streets

45:00 Meisam Mostafa Joukar vs J’den Cox

0:48 The Stache vs Hyeon-Woo Kim

0:53 Goleij vs Zahid battle of junior stars

0:54 Additions to the field for the juniors trials process

0:58 Rapid junior team picks

1:01 BTS press conference

May 12, 2016

Order of Show:

0:01 Molinaro earned his way in

0:08 Russia selecting their team

0:12 Toughest time to qualify and medal?

0:15 Non-Olympic weight worlds

0:19 Pico’s focus to stay on wrestling

0:25 Willie’s MMA concern

0:29 Metcalf at 70kg? What’s his future?

0:34 Penn State to send multiple guys to Junior WTT that weren’t at nationals

0:35 Willie getting pepper sprayed in Budapest

0:41 Is Brazil going to be ready?

0:44 Mendoza and Cherrington finalists at Boise State

0:47 Troy Steiner in the middle a wrestling hotbed at Fresno

0:50 Marsteller to Lock Haven

0:52 Ryan Blees on the move?

0:55 The Ohio State’s future lineup

May 10, 2016

0:01 Willie’s pet lobsters

0:03 Overnight viewing of last chance

0:06 Trials process change is ludicrous

0:18 Unbalanced brackets totally unfair

0:25 Good qualities in the eyes of the IOC aren’t best for wrestling

0:31 Nenad Lalovic understands we need to stick with the current rule system

0:36 Where will Jordan Burroughs stack up when he is finished?

0:39 Countries in the brackets after earning licenses due to the license getting pulled

0:44 Danny Vega to Iowa State news doesn’t sit well with Linland

0:54 Nahshon Garrett to ASU….???

0:56 Troy Steiner to Fresno State is close to done

0:58 Outdoor wrestling at Rutgers


May 5, 2016

Order Of Show:

1:00 Easton vs The World 103-145

5:00 Matt Lindland’s interview

9:00 Cohlton Schultz is finished with folkstyle

12:00 High school straight to Greco Roman?

14:00 Financial reward of Olympic success

18:00 Foxcatcher documentaries

22:00 Ramos to UNC

26:00 Will Makhov wrestle both Greco Roman and freestyle?

28:00 Frank Molinaro’s qualifying chances?

30:00 Potential qualifiers

32:00 Recruiting ranking bias against PA?

35:00 Breaking down the classes

48:00 Teams looking to climb with solid recruiting classes

54:00 Academies doing well in recruiting

58:00 Beat The Streets lineups

59:00 Christian’s comedy routine and yard sale preparation

May 3, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Christian explores Vegas 0:03 Tony Ramos to UNC 0:05 Ronnie Bresser looking to leave Oregon State? 0:07 Fresno State ups their ante to attract applicants that were turning down the job 0:12 Rich Bender dropping USAW freestyle coaching applicants 0:19 Olympic vs non-Olympic weights 0:21 Cadet and Junior Greco World Results 0:25 Is Reenan big enough to medal? 0:27 Yianni vs Eierman officiating 0:30 Challenges before quarters 0:33 Weight-by-weight freestyle breakdown 0:34 Spencer’s domination 0:36 Gavin Teasdale is game competition for Daton Fix 0:40 Mitchell McKee waits for a tough challenger 0:42 Who will challenge Pantaleo for the spot at 66kg? 0:47 74kg was an incredible show 0:51 Zahid owns the series again Myles Martin 0:53 Will Cassar challenge Seely in Dallas? 0:54 Delaying the trials process to compete at Beat the Streets in New York City 0:58 PSU lineup next year and in the near future
Apr 26, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Willie’s Vegas adventure and boredom turns to bigfoot 0:06 J’den Cox qualifies in Mongolia 0:12 The possibility of 65kg not qualifying 0:14 Women qualified at 4/6 weight now 0:16 UFC 197 recap 0:23 UWW Juniors 0:24 Beat the Streets junior matches taking away from trials? 0:27 Storylines from each weight class 0:33 Is Micic big enough for 60kg? 0:35 66kg has no shortage of contenders 0:36 Michael Kemerer at 70kg: what does is mean? 0:39 74kg is going to have ridiculous bouts early 0:43 Will Pico wrestle juniors this year? 0:44 84kg destined for Martin vs Valencia final? 0:47 Wrapping up 96kg and 125kg 0:49 Nick Reenan joins the program 0:54 Nick Reenan to…. 0:59 Did CP and Willie think he was headed there?
Apr 22, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Willie’s horrible lodging for UFC 197 0:06 Willie running into Greg Jones and John Laboranti at UFC 197 0:08 Christian’s gambling advice 0:10 Spencer Lee’s commitment 0:13 Gavin Teasdale joining Spencer in his commitment 0:18 What does Spencer Lee’s belief in Iowa do for future recruiting? 0:26 How do all the recruits work into the Iowa line-up? 0:31 Gavin Teasdale’s style and how it played into the decision 0:34 Young Guns influence 0:37 Surviving on homegrown talent in different states? 0:42 Solutions at 125 across the country 0:45 Greco qualifying situation after not qualifying in Mongolia 0:49 Henry Cejudo’s preparation for UFC 197 0:54 Should Jake Varner test the waters at 125kg? 0:57 Juniors at Beat the Streets 0:59 Nick Reenan to announce next Tuesday on FRL 1:01 CP hangs up on Willie
Apr 19, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Greg Randall Fired! 0:06 Coaching carousel starting to move 0:12 Euro Olympic Games Qualifier and potential ‘Last Chance’ opponents 0:21 UWW juniors coming up, who will be there? 0:23 UFC 197 coverage 0:27 Ben Askren continuing on in ONE FC 0:28 What wrestlers are hanging up their shoes? 0:43 Tervel onto the staff at Ohio State? What happened to Logan? 0:45 What NCAA teams are returning? 0:52 Plenty of options for Penn State 0:57 Junior Trials and Beat the Streets coming up 0:59 University Worlds to improve the field in Akron
Apr 14, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:03 Quality of matches at the trials, unreal. 0:05 Greco team breakdown - From locked up to Olympic team? 0:15 Women’s team and the qualification breakdown - 0:24 Men’s freestyle team with Rio outlook 0:37 College wrestlers keep crushing it at Trials. 0:47 Tervel overcomes injury to make the team - Clowning Willie's pick. 0:52 UWW Juniors to set the pecking order for Junior WTT - LOADED team possible. 0:54 Where will Spencer Lee be for Juniors? 0:57 Who is Junior eligible? Junior Nationals will be NUTS!
Apr 12, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:02 Frank Molinaro emerging from the smoke at 65kg - Stop whining about how we pick our team. 0:11 What does the future hold for Brent Metcalf? 0:15 The rest of the fallout from 65kg 0:24 Nahshon’s fleeing the hold call against Ramos - They blew it. 0:33 Coleman thinking he won when he really lost. So did his coaches. 0:35 Kyle Dake scoring out of bounds against Richard Perry. Bad call? 0:39 What kind of learning curve will J’Den Cox have before Rio? 0:43 Why do wrestlebacks take place in front of an empty arena? 0:48 Americans closing matches with a small lead 0:50 Tony Ramos drops a bomb at the press conference. Our reactions.
Apr 7, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:03 Jon Sioredas to Cal Poly - Great hire. 0:07 Brandon Slay to Penn RTC 0:11 Killing the singlet, sort of. 0:23 Watching the Olympic Team Trials 0:28 Willie Pick’ems Olympic Team Edition 0:29 Greco Predictions- Could we see a major changing of the guard? 0:41 Women’s FS - Can anyone stop Helen? 0:49 Men’s FS - All predictions and some serious seeding hijinx at 65kg.
Apr 5, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:04 Timing of the Olympic Trials - You HAVE to re-think this. 0:17 NCAA coaching moves - D1 Coaches on the hot seat. 0:25 The D1 season change for Freestyle? 0:27 Rankings going into the trials 0:32 Weight-by-weight breakdown 57kg 0:38 65kg 0:45 74kg 0:51 86kg 0:55 97kg - What 0:59 125kg - Can Tervel go for entire tournament? 1:05 - Nick Reenan Update
Mar 29, 2016
Order Of Show 0:02 CP's NBC story 0:09 Alex Dieringer wins the Hodge Trophy. What is the purpose of criteria 0:19 Takedown and reversal values must change. 0:23 Storniolo interim tag removed at Northwestern, Reenan decommits 0:29 Where could Reenan land? 0:37 FloNationals - 3 big names who stand out. 0:48 Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic major take aways 0:55 A time of repentance: CP on Michigan State’s direction with Roger Chandler 1:00 A time of repentance: Willie on Coach Sweigard and the perception of Central Dauphin’s program
Mar 22, 2016
Order of Show: 0:01 - CP gloats about Fantasy victory. 0:04 - NYC as a spot for NCAA's. 0:05 - What Made NCAA Finals great. 0:07 - Atrocious Edge officiating in NCAA finals. 0:15 - Time for 3 point takedown/reversal. 0:18 - NCAA Bracket busters and surprises: Meredith and Myles Martin. 0:28 - IMAR's NCAA performance. 0:31 - The greatest HWT match in history? 0:35 - MAJOR team points are returning + lineup speculation for the big guns. 0:53 - Iowa fans are going nuts, take a deep breath. 1:00 - Hodge discussion, who should win? 1:06 - Terao takeover. 1:07 - Team USA Freestyle job posted. Russian Greco wrestlers busted.
Mar 15, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 NCAAs are upon us 0:03 Fantasy teams 0:11 CP’s complete simulation of the NCAA Championships 0:16 Ohio State and Iowa team breakdown 0:24 Oklahoma State picked second 0:34 Dark Horses by weight 1:00 Surprise Non AA's
Mar 10, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Team race implications from the seeds and draws 0:08 125lbs Top 4 sit in good position 0:12 133lbs Bradley Taylor is #12, big problem for #5 Jordan Conaway 0:16 141lbs best or deepest weight in years? Willie thinks so… 0:20 149lbs Mayes the 3 seed? Cimato a 4 seed? 0:29 157lbs Thank you, but the process was compromised 0:37 165lbs Rohskopf and Lewis jump Perrotti and Rodriguez 0:42 174lbs What a top quarter! 0:47 184lbs Sammy Brooks and Vic Avery the 2 and 3 seeds? 0:54 197lbs Pfarr gets the nod over Burak 0:59 285lbs Snyder and Gwiz are opposite, Walz tough road to the semi 1:05 Mattalk Fan Guide from Jason Bryant go to 16 enter promo code: "FRL" To get 5 dollars off the ultimate NCAA Fanguide!
Mar 8, 2016
0:03 Who needs a wildcard? 0:06 Oddities of no shows, weight problems, and DQs 0:10 Nolf vs Imar II 0:20 Possible seeding debacle at 157lbs 0:23 What was Gilman thinking against Nico? 0:27 Seeding at 125lbs 0:29 Clark over Richards and how the bracket shakes out 0:33 285lbs: Snyder has to be a 2 or 3 seed right? 0:37 Jimmy Gulibon steps up for Penn State 0:41 Willie Pick’em results 0:48 Olympic Qualifier: United States disappointment, Russia is doing it right
Mar 5, 2016
CP and Smalls dive into EIWA breaking news. BIG 10 Brackets and upset picks are discussed as well as the Pan Am Olympic Qualifier.
Mar 3, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Weekend schedule - Nuts 0:04 Injury update - Crutchmer, Minotti, Stoll 0:13 Pan-Am Olympic Qualifier 0:18 Separation at Olympic Games, Baby steps for UWW 0:22 Request to move the California state tournament back a week? 0:25 Fresno State reinstated - Get Hype 0:28 Andrew Long. sad story gets sadder. 0:30 Willie Pick’ems: Conference Edition 0:59 What’s on Flo? Pretty much everything.
Mar 1, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:02 Pan Am takeaways 0:03 James Green analysis 0:07 Bonne Rodriguez going 65kg just one week out 0:10 Jake Herbert the best guy to qualify 86kg? 0:18 Big Ten Championships - Pre Seeds are out! 0:20 285 is the most intriguing - Snyder match ups? 0:27 Breakdown of the match-ups according to seeds 0:38 Conference release dates - More teams should go earlier? 0:44 Pac 12 results 0:46 Prep results 0:47 Blair: Year end #1? Does SPG have a gripe? 0:53 Reenan’s place in the P4P #FreeDatonFix 0:56 NWCA dual wrap on selection process - Bizarre TDR Show 1:04 Best direction for the duals
Feb 23, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:02 How did NC State takedown Iowa? 0:14 Uncharted waters for an ACC team to go to OK State and Iowa and win 0:15 Iowa fading late in the season now a pattern? 0:21 Iowa fans’ perception of the team gets changed? 0:27 Oklahoma State line-up for the end of the year 0:32 Penn State using Nevills, what’s the net result? 0:35 Did Oklahoma State’s travel schedule impact them? 0:38 State Championship time 0:39 Nick Lee vs Chad Red in Indiana - Did Red step over the line? 0:46 Technicalities being used to gain advantage…??? - Tighten up PA! 0:48 Coaches having kids lay down after an illegal hold - Shame On you. 0:52 Jordan Decatur leaves the weigh-in room and is disqualified 0:58 Pick’ems recap
Feb 19, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:00 - Kevin Dresser is here and is not backing down. He opens up about conversations with Tom Ryan about Coach Brands and more. 0:23 - Dresser hops off; Willie and CP discuss coaches pulling all the strings in our sport. No other sport is like that. 0:30 - Will Big 10 return the favor? 0:32 - Why is wrestling leadership obsessed with TV? 0:40 - Snyder's loss = NBD. Frank Chamizo is da man and Logan Stieber's shot at Rio. 0:53 - Hall v. Marinelli WILL HAPPEN! Should Iowa use Marinelli right away?
Feb 18, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Kevin Dresser Questions the Selection Process 0:07 Do Power coaches having too much pull? 0:18 Why you can be on board with teams declining National Duals. 0:26 Changing the season 0:30 Willie Pick’ems 0:40 Best way to determine a better team? 0:45 Who do you start? Late season line-up questions 0:52 Season ending injuries 0:54 Boundary stall calls 0:59 Medved update
Feb 15, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:01 Tom Ryan joins and talks about the final weekend of duals 0:04 How the coaches poll is determined 0:05 Match-ups for the duals 0:15 Big Ten reforming the schedule 0:20 Creating prestige around National Duals 0:24 Match-up recap 0:29 Willie and Christian duel about the top 3 slots 0:37 Do you factor shorthanded line-ups? 0:48 Weekend war stories 0:50 Analyzing 141lbs. 0:53 Nick Nevills is back 0:58 Willie pick’em results
Feb 11, 2016
Order Of Show: 0:02 CV/CD fallout 0:03 Bloomsburg forfeit situation explained by 6 season ending injuries 0:04 Twitter etiquette 0:08 Scheduling error in Michigan/ high school intricacies 0:19 NWCA Duals have created importance this weekend 0:32 NC State’s weekend 0:38 Skin infections 0:42 Concussion reports 0:47 Willie Pick’ems 0:55 Does Nevills wrestle?
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