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Mar 2, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ollie is a man of mystery

0:01 - Paulo Costa comes through with one of the worst excuses of all-time

0:03 - Did Ben even watch ACCs? Spoiler alert: He did.

0:23 - Possible NCAA seeding scenarios at 184

0:25 - Getting back to our final thoughts on the ACC Championships

0:28 - NC State and Virginia Tech really do not like each other

0:29 - Ollie fan boys out on Ben for a second about Ben’s rant on Eric Luedke

0:30 - Lineup drama at Arizona State between Peter LiPari and Julian Chlebove

0:33 - Does Ben still think this could be the best Missouri team of all-time?

0:34 - Playing the interview where Ben ranted about Eric Luedke

0:36 - Getting more into LiPari and Chlebove drama

0:40 - Oregon State pushed Arizona State at the Pac-12 Championships. Breaking down the important results from Corvallis

0:41 - The Real Woods situation

0:46 - We’ve got some MACtion to talk about

0:49 - Zach Hartman majored Tanner Skidgel after Ben said Skidget should be tier 2

0:51 - Will Alex Marinelli run away with 165?

0:55 - Big 12 pre-seeds are here

0:59 - Wrestlers who need a wildcard right now

0:1:01 - Taking a look at some of the most fun weights at the Big 12

01:05 - We are going to have a dope Big 12 and Big Ten watch party this weekend live on Flo

01:07 - Could Kaden Gfeller come down to 141 for this weekend’s Big 12 Championships?

01:08 - Questions from friends

Feb 25, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ollie and KB won’t stop wearing dope jerseys

0:01 - Ben was almost late to the show today & a little Bachelor talk

0:03 - Ben has no desire to go skydiving or go Rocky Mountain climbing, or go 2.7 second on a bull named fu manchu

0:04 - Elon Musk doesn’t care about alien so CP feels validated

0:06 - Ben is going on some legit boxing training camps soon

0:07 - Wisconsin Underground results, and what is Wisconsin doing with their scholarship money?

0:15 - ACC Championships preview. Breaking down the battle between Virginia Tech and NC State

0:31 - The must watch weights at the MAC Championships

0:34 - We have an answer for the most NCAA champions by a team to not win the team title

0:36 - Shane Sparks wants to mat return Bratke

0:40 - 165-pound tiers for fears

0:48 - 174-pound tiers for fears

0:55 - 184-pound tiers for fears

01:01 - The worst stall call we saw this season

01:04 - 197-pound tiers for fears

01:13 - 285-pound tiers for fears

01:15 - Breaking news that Virginia Tech has made a couple lineup changes for the ACC Championships

01:19 - Questions from friends

Feb 24, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Snow is starting to finally melt in Wisconsin

0:01 - Tulsa is not a good place, and should not be hosting NCAAAs

0:03 - Ben is totally a black belt

0:05 - Gas tank Gary update

0:07 - Potential lineup shifts in the ACC

0:09 - Ben Darmstadt put the beat down on Jake Paul in high school

0:11 - Thoughts on the NLWC event and the biggest results there

0:12 - Ben finally watched Tiger Ep. 2 the same day het got in an awful car accident

0:14 - Getting back to our complete thoughts on the NLWC event

0:21 - Should matches in these one off events count towards Olympic Trials seeding

0:22 - Last Chance qualifier is going to be lit

0:24 - Shayne Van Ness looks incredible and looking at PSU’s future lineup with Van Ness and Facundo

0:29 - The list of guys not qualified for Olympics Trials at 86 is absurd

0:33 - Ben says NCAAs will have 25% capacity

0:36 - Is Missouri going back to the Big 12?

0:41 - What is the most NCAA champions a team has had but not won the team title?

0:42 - Bratke gets fired up about rankings…surprise, surprise

0:47 - 133-pound tiers for fears

0:51 - Bratke remembers a few other lineup changes in the ACC

0:59 - 141-pound tiers for fears

01:02 - 149-pound tiers for fears

01:15 - 157-pound tiers for fears

01:21 - Questions from friends

Feb 23, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - CP is back and it’s hockey sweater Tuesday

0:02 - Bratke finally has running water, but he does have to still boil it

0:03 - Beau Bartlett is the man for Penn State at 149

0:08 - Turns out, Greg Kerkvliet is likely NOT done for the season

0:12 - Ben watched episode 1 of Tiger, but somehow couldn’t figure out how to watch episode 2

0:15 - How does Kerkvliet impact the team race and comparing Penn State vs Iowa

0:23 - Myles Amine looked really good against Cam Caffey

0:25 - Don’t expect to see Nick Suriano or Stevan Micic this season

0:31 - How in the world do you pronounce Starocci and how smart is he making Ben and CP look?

0:41 - How should 174 be seeded in the Big Ten?

0:42 - And how the heck do you seed Kerkvliet at Big Tens?

0:45 - Who does Kerkvliet matchup better against: Gable or Mason?

0:51 - How did Ohio State not wrestle Gas Tank Gary on Senior night?

0:55 - Will next year be the toughest NCAA Championships ever?

0:56 - EIWA pre-seeds are out and it appears that allocations will not change

01:05 - Ben fist fought Doug Vollaro when he was 12

01:06 - An update on Ben’s boxing training

01:08 - Ryan Deakin destroyed Brayton Lee and looks incredible. Northwestern-Minnesota breakdown

01:15 - 125 tiers for fears

01:22 - Questions from friends

Feb 18, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Update on where CP is and what’s going on in Austin

0:03 - The recruiting dead period has been extended once again

0:12 - What’s going on with Iowa-Wisconsin this Sunday?

0:14 - Ben’s crazy recruiting story about a former All-American?

0:17 - Looking ahead to a nice little weekend of D1 action including: Ohio State-Penn State, Nebraska-Illinois, Northwestern-Minnesota, Bedlam, and more

0:50 - Questions from friends

Feb 17, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Update on CP’s quest to return to Austin, and what is going on in Texas currently

0:06 - Iowa AD confirms the school is considering adding women’s wrestling

0:10 - It appears world champion Tsabolov is on the move from Russia

0:20 - Another little update on how messed up the NCAA allocations are this year

0:22 - Davidson done for the year after having to pause activities

0:23 - Running through some NCAA qualifying scenarios

0:34 - California Baptist joining the Big 12 beginning in 2022-23

0:38 - Questions from friends

Feb 16, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Austin is under attack by snow and ice, and the FloWrestling team is stranded across the country

0:04 - The allocations for the NCAA Championships were released on Thursday and are all kinds of messed up

0:21 - Penn State beats Michigan and looked like we expected them to look all season

0:36 - Cowboy Challenge thoughts: Ferrari-Adams, Buchanan-Adams, Mauller-Lewallen, Oklahoma State’s struggles

01:02 - Bratke could be a long haul trucker and the time Ben fell asleep behind the wheel

01:06 - Mekhi Lewis-Jake Wentzel and why we don’t count injury defaults

01:17 - Questions from friends

Feb 11, 2021

Run of Show

0:01 - JD is drinking Topo Chico, not beer, but Tom Brady was definitely driving beer yesterday

0:02 - Cael Sanderson says Greg Kerkvliet is likely done for the year, gives update on their schedule

0:10 - Yianni-Vito are savages and Been wants to come up with a nickname for them

0:15 - Wrestlers and matches that stood out on day one of the America’s Cup

0:20 - John Smith confirms that Daton Fix is back and will wrestle at the Cowboy Challenge on Sunday

0:27 - Michigan-Ohio State on Friday night should be very interesting

0:36 - Korbin Myers has been outstanding this year. Previewing Virginia Tech-Pitt

0:39 - Arizona State, UNI, Iowa State tri is going to be fire

0:45 - Captains Cup is coming this weekend and JD has some roster updates for ya

0:47 - Questions from friends

01:11 - #FreeBritney

Feb 10, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - We get a Wisconsin snow update from Ben

0:01 - America’s Cup begins today. Looking at the toughest weight and best potential matchups

0:12 - Ben has an update for us on most pins in a single season by a college wrestler

0:14 - Ben wants Austin DeSanto to be a hype man for Spencer Lee as he enters all the open tournaments he can to try and break the single season pin record

0:16 - Michigan is back this weekend and are also trying to add another match this weekend…

0:23 - Is there any chance Nick Suriano returns?

0:24 - How will allocations, auto qualifiers work this year for the NCAA Championships?

0:31 - Questions from friends

Feb 9, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Andy Hamilton is in the building and on the desk with CP

0:02 - Ben appears to be wrong about Nelson Brands and Max Murin based on this weekend’s results

0:06 - Olympic Trials being moved from Penn State

0:08 - Iowa pauses all team activities which means now Iowa-Penn State

0:16 - The first person CP followed when he joined twitter was Andy Hamilton

0:18 - Complete Iowa-Ohio State dual recap

0:31 - Our Tuesday headlines did not work out too well

0:32 - Getting back to Iowa-Ohio State and Kemerer-Romero

0:36 - Virginia Tech-NC State was the best dual of the year once again

0:45 - There are a number of undefeated wrestlers at 125. How will seeding go there?

0:53 - People are wrestling all kinds of crazy weights this year and Ben enjoys it

0:54 - Talking about Nebraska-Michigan State dual

0:58 - The first #1 of the year went down

01:00 - Gable’s celebration was great and he had an awesome technique tutorial

01:01 - AJ Ferrari beats Woodley and makes his rankings debut

01:05 - Stephen Buchanan wins a wild one over Noah Adams. Did altitude strike again?

01:16 - Doug Schwab was deducted a team point for stupid wardrobe “rules”

01:19 - More details on the merger with Trackwrestling

01:25 - Questions from friends

Feb 4, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is going to wrestle Floyd Mayweather in best 2 out of 3 falls match

0:03 - Sadly DIII Winter Championships Canceled

0:10 - Kaid Brock is done for the year

0:15 - Talking 2021 Iowa compared to 2018 Penn State and Ohio State

0:20 - Making picks between 2021 Iowa and 2018 Ohio State

0:41 - Making picks between 2021 Iowa and 2018 Penn State

0:57 - NC State-Virginia Tech picks and dual breakdown

01:16 - Tuesday Headlines for the boys

01:18 - Tom Brands test positive for COVID-19

01:21 - Questions from friends

Feb 3, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Penn State-Wisconsin recap. Thoughts on how PSU has looked at each weight so far

0:06 - Breaking the news that Gabe Tagg has entered the transfer portal

0:18 - AJ Ferrari didn’t agree with our assessment of his incident with Yonger Bastida

0:24 - Update on wrestlers currently in the WWE

0:26 - Kenny Monday’s Twitter beef with Hayden Hidlay

0:32 - Updated dual and individual rankings…what people are mad about

0:42 - Episode 2 of the Greatest Bracket Ever is out

0:44 - Questions from friends

Feb 2, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben got a sweet punching bag with Jake Paul’s face on it

0:03 - What the hell was up with the officiating this weekend?

0:04 - Ben loses his mind about Chad Red’s cradle being called an illegal move

0:08 - Breaking down all of the terrible calls in the Nebraska-Wisconsin dual

0:14 - Ben goes over all of the illegal holds in the rule book that the Red call could have been

0:16 - Ben goes on an all-time rant about officials

0:25 - Getting back to Nebraska-Wisconsin

0:33 - The terrible stall call on Malik Heinselman

0:36 - Revisting Tuesday headlines and talking about Mark Hall-Nate Jackson

0:39 - Bratke-Bauer V update

0:41 - ACC was fire this weekend. Recapping UNC-NC State and UNC-Virginia Tech

0:55 - Donnell Washington stuns Carter Starocci and thoughts on Penn State’s debut

Americas Cup

01:03 - America’s Cup is coming next weekend

01:06 - Oklahoma State’s weekend trip to Iowa and AJ Ferrari being electric

01:23 - Iowa put it on Illinois like expected

01:26 - Terrible calls in the Maryland-Ohio State dual

01:32 - We’ll see ya tomorrow!

Jan 28, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Jake Paul is saying things about Ben’s wife

0:04 - Buddy Lee the jump roping legend

0:05 - Asking our daily questions about the Jake Paul fight

0:06 - Looking ahead to Iowa-Illinois

0:10 - Penn State is finally wrestling. Previewing their weekend against Northwestern and Indiana

0:15 - Emails the rankers get and how many are from parents

0:19 - Finally getting back to talking about Penn State-Northwestern

0:28 - The return of Alien Hour talking government document dumps, Chupacabra is back, and BigFoot hunting season

0:35 - The time we thought it was a good idea to rent an RV to take to Stillwater

0:40 - Ben on some Oklahoma noodling movie that sounds ridiculous

0:41 - The time Bratke was right about the Oklahoma Octopus

0:43 - Ohio State-Michigan State breakdown

0:45 - Talking a little Virginia Tech-UNC

0:53 - Oklahoma State-UNI preview

1:02 - Questions from friends

Jan 27, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is taking over the internet with this fight against Jake Paul

0:11 - Ben’s hair is out of control today

0:12 - Talking about the Toughest Bracket Ever FloFilm

0:33 - Snoop dog is going to be involved with Ben’s fight

0:35 - Penn State and Northwestern are supposed to wrestle this weekend

0:36 - No Michigan dual, but we’ve got Iowa-Illinois

0:38 - Missouri is still kicking people’s necks in

0:39 - AJ Ferrari’s double looks amazing

0:41 - Oklahoma State gets UNI and Iowa State this weekend

0:42 - Why don’t more international wrestlers come to college in America?

0:48 - A quick little breakdown of the best duals going down this weekend

0:50 - Questions from friends

Jan 26, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke vents about his beloved Green Bay Packers

0:04 - We had an Olympics scare late last week, but the IOC and Japan said it’s still happening

0:06 - Penn State-Michigan State was on and then off

0:07 - The Michigan athletic department is ruining everything

0:13 - Gable tweeted Ben and said he was going to take his advice

0:15 - Who is actually better: Spencer or Gable?

0:22 - Breaking down the rest of Iowa-Minnesota

0:26 - Teague Moore out at American

0:28 - Stanford wore all black singlets with no Stanford branding on them

0:30 - Lance Runyon is a man to watch, he pins Anthony Mantanona

0:33 - The Ian Parker-Dom Demas series has been all over the place

0:34 - Chris Cannon is going to be problems

0:36 - Eric Barnett deck #3 Devin Schroder

0:38 - Ohio State is a really tough team to figure out

0:46 - Ben shares some really awesome thoughts on wrestlers developing in college

0:48 - Ariel Helwani breaks the news that Ben will fight Jake Paul

0:52 - Ben gets us back on track and talks about wrestlers developing in college

0:53 - Isaac Trumble storms onto the scene

01:00 - A new wrinkle to how you can qualify for the NCAA Championships this year

01:02 - Jake Paul’s statement on fighting Ben

01:08 - Questions from friends

Jan 21, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - CP dies laughing bc Spey pulled a hilarious prank on him

0:01 - Ben shares who he believes are the best scramblers in NCAA wrestling

0:11 - Sadly Northern Colorado vs Oklahoma State for Friday night has been canceled

0:13 - Can anyone challenge Spencer Lee for the Hodge Trophy

0:25 - Ben has a theory for how guys can pad their Hodge Trophy stats

0:32 - How many weights could Spencer Lee go up in the Nebraska lineup and still win?

Could Spencer Lee beat Chad Red

0:36 - Previewing and making spread picks for Iowa-Minnesota

0:45 - Talking about a few matches in Virginia-Virginia Tech we’re excited for

0:48 - Breaking down the battle of Ben vs Bratke

0:50 - NC State-Pitt will be a lot of fun this weekend

0:56 - We could learn a lot Penn State this weekend against Michigan State

01:06 - Questions from friends

Jan 20, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is back from Tennessee where he lost to team West Virginia

0:04 - Ben shares his thoughts on the Henri Deglane and in particular 57kg

0:07 - A few more finals thoughts on Burroughs-Taylor

0:09 - Why does the criteria debate continue to pop up?

0:10 Ben lost the Peyton Robb bet and now owes us 30 push ups

0:11 - Ben’s thoughts on Iowa-Nebraska

0:15 - Tom Brands on Gable-Cassioppi

0:23 - Ben gives him an update on how his return to competition is going

0:24 - Looks like Penn State will wrestle this weekend and there’s some news on a possible Kerkvliet injury

0:25 - Ben has a new COVID-19 plan

0:27 - Previewing Michigan State-Penn State

0:30 - Bad news coming on the Tokyo Olympics?

0:40 - Jonny Ruggiano joins the show to talk about the Captains’ Cup

0:53 - NCAA D1 dual rankings have dropped and yelling at people who complain about rankings

01:12 - Questions from friends

Jan 19, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is out being a coach and will be back tomorrow

0:01 - Since CP and Bratke were out on Thursday, they share their thoughts on Burrroughs-Taylor

0:04 - Why criteria is just fine

0:11 - Thomas Gilman’s late match tactics continue to be puzzling

0:14 - Nick Suriano wins the Deglane looking amazing on the way.

0:23 - Why Suriano would not come back to Rutgers

0:27 - Pat McKee beats Mitch McKee and Brody Teske is into the top 10

0:36 - Dake killed a guy

0:37 - Sharifov didn’t wrestle Kyle Snyder for some reason

0:38 - Yianni looks like he’s on an up swing

0:45 - Tamyra-Forrest met in a potential Olympic Trials finals preview

0:47 - Iowa looked as advertised against Nebraska

0:57 - Missouri is on fire

0:58 - Stanford coaches get locked out of the team’s official social media accounts

0:59 - Making our way back to Missouri beating everyone badly

01:05 - Getting back to the Iowa-Nebraska dual

01:07 - Gable Steveson has no chill

01:10 - Illinois upsets Missouri

01:17 - Questions from friends

Jan 14, 2021

On episode 598 of FRL, Ben and Bray recap the action from Jordan Burroughs vs David Taylor, react to Penn State media day, and preview the weekend’s action.

Run of Show

0:00 – Breaking down JB vs DT

0:14 – J’den’s outstanding, but Nate Jackson looked great

0:18 – Do McKenna’s weigh ins at scratch weight give him an advantage?

0:24 – The high schoolers balled out at JB vs DT

0:30 – Penn State is out for this weekend

0:34 – Breaking down Penn State Media Day

0:35 – Iowa vs Penn State virtual white board war

0:53 – Henri Deglane rematches to look forward to

1:00 – Questions from friends

Jan 13, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - JB & DT are really going to wrestle today

0:01 - Time to put Ben on the spot and make him make a prediction

0:13 - Previewing the Nebraska-Iowa dual

0:14 - Christian Lance had looked good and then Gable Steveson teched him with only takedowns

0:17 - Getting back to previewing and making picks for Nebraska-Iowa

0:36 - Iowa State, Missouri, UNI, Arizona State is a fire quad

0:45 - Senior-level wrestlers who have competed the most since April 2020

0:46 - A little Henri DeGlane talk and what international guys will be there

01:01 - Questions from friends

Jan 12, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben got his eye split open but not by a Paul brother

0:01 - CP and Bratke are coming at you live from Lincoln

0:02 - Explaining what happened last week and why there was no FRL

0:05 - Guys on the Senior level are becoming more willing to wrestle since quarantine began

0:09 - Tamyra Mensah-Stock takes out Adeline Gray

0:14 - Thoughts on J’den Cox’s first match since last February

0:19 - Henri Deglane is officially live on FloWrestling this weekend

0:20 - Nahshon Garrett looks massive, but has no answer for Joey McKenna

0:22 - Richards looked good against Gross, but Gross is just better right now

Edge rules

0:33 - watching the opening sequence of the Richards-Gross match

0:35 - Ben was super impressed with Nate Jackson

0:38 - Full card for Wednesday

0:44 - Recapping all the D1 action

01:02 - Roger Reina is Andrew Spey’s father

01:05 - Yianni put it on Anthony Ashnault

01:09 - CP tells the story of a wild dream he had about Metz-Cassioppi

01:10 - The internet starts to fail us so we say goodbye

Jan 9, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - David Taylor on how he’s feeling

0:01 - DT on what the past few days have been like and his emotions throughout all of it

0:03 - Did DT ever think the match wasn’t going to happen?

0:05 - DT on how his preparations have been for his match with JB

0:07 - DT on his match with Gabe Dean and if that was good for him to have a close match

0:10 - Does DT think pace will impact the match either way?

0:12 - Is scoring early on JB crucial?

0:15 - What are the biggest differences in JB and DT’s games since they last met in 2014?

0:16 - What does DT think JB will do to avoid DT’s collar tie?

0:18 - Is there anyone in State College who can mimic JB?

0:19 - How will the match being at scratch 86kg impact DT?

0:20 - How much is the cut to 86kg for DT?

0:25 - If 79kg had been a weight when DT was in college would he have bumped up to 174?

0:27 - DT’s thoughts on how good Penn State is right now

0:28 - Thoughts on Carter Starocci and how good he can be

0:29 - Even though he isn’t wrestling, DT shares his thoughts on the rest of tonight’s card

0:30 - DT on how wrestling is evolving and the current economy of it

0:33 - What is the right amount of matches a year for Senior-level athletes?

0:38 - Which style does DT prefer?

0:40 - DT on how M2 Training Center is going

0:42 - Bumping up to take on Colin Palmer set DT on path for these big matches

0:44 - Ben might re-arrange his schedule to make it to Lincoln

Jan 6, 2021

Run of Show

0:00 - For some reason we open by talking about tacos and workout routines

0:04 - Tom Brands media press conference was electric as always

0:11 - Spartan Combat WC event live Friday night headlined by Yianni vs Ashnault

0:21 - What Ben would like to see in wrestling gambling

0:26 - Getting back to the Spartan Combat event on Friday night

0:27 - Reflecting on some terrible freestyle rules over the years

0:33 - Ben talks about some of the gambling lines he likes on the Burroughs-Taylor card

0:34 - We can’t stop talking about terrible freestyle rules

0:36 - Thoughts on Gabe Dean vs Mike Macchiavello and Vito Arujau vs Michael Colaiocco

0:37 - Breaking down some of the best college matchups of the weekend

0:39 - Bratke continues to investigate what CP thinks used to be a freestyle rule

0:40 - Back to weekend of college wrestling ahead of us

0:42 - Ben recalls a funny Jake Herbert story from 2012 Olympic Trials

0:44 - How many D1 wrestlers have come from Austin?

0:46 - Bratke can’t get over how rigged this Gilman match is

0:47 - Questions from friends

Jan 5, 2021

Run of Show

0:01 - Bitcoin is on a heater and Ben wants CP to suck it

0:02 - The Big Ten schedule is finally here

0:04 - Oklahoma State wrestle-off results

0:07 - Back to Big Ten wrestling schedule talk

0:09 - Update on what’s going on with Nick Suriano

0:10 - Could there be an All-American this year with a losing record?

0:23 - Brandon Metz is our next electric factory at heavyweight

0:26 - Thoughts on Virginia Tech-Campbell

0:29 - Overall thoughts on NCAA wrestling coming back

0:33 - The team that USA Wrestling is sending to the Henri Deglane is insane

0:38 - How Henri Deglane could impact 57kg pecking order

0:48 - Updates to the Burroughs-Taylor card. We are up to 11 incredible matches

01:00 - Ben watched the Dan Gable documentary

01:09 - Getting back to the matches added to the Burroughs-Taylor card

01:11 - Questions from friends