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Flowrestling Radio live hosted by Christian Pyles and Ben Askren on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's and discusses the hottest topics in college and international wrestling.
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Sep 24, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Overall impression on Metcalf Ep. 1

0:12 - U23 Nationals/UWW Junior World Team Trials date and location announced

0:13 - WE ARE...once again hearing about massive redshirts for Penn State this season. Who is eligible to take on and what would their lineup look like if they do that? 

0:17 - Could Iowa break the scoring record if a bunch of teams redshirt their best wrestlers?

0:21 - What college wrestlers will enter U23 Nationals or UWW Junior World Team Trials

0:31 - Bratke gives an update on what in the world the Pac-12 is doing with their life

0:36 - Alien Hour is back!

0:44 - Everyone in the podcast world is moving to Austin and we will be best friends with them all

0:47 - Sorry no more updates on the 8 man bracket at this moment

0:48 - Questions from friends

Sep 23, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Kyle Bratke must produce an Alien Hour every Thursday or else

0:02 - Is CP cutting the show short today to go on the lamb?

0:04 - So much wrestling is on the horizon. Will ring rust be a thing?

0:05 - Ben pushes back on Lee Roper’s thoughts on youth wrestling 

0:09 - Talking about Reece Humphrey’s tweet and why guys would pass on Senior Nationals this year

0:17 - Titan Mercury is going to send a squad to Senior Nationals, just you wait

0:18 - Expect an update from USA Wrestling on U23/UWW Juniors today

0:22 - A little update to the 8 man bracket

0:24 - Giving you a teaser of Metcalf FloFilm

0:26 - Some of our favorite or fondest Metcalf memories 

0:40 - questions from friends

Sep 22, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben Gronk spiked his crutches at the AWA Duals

0:06 - Breaking down Dieringer-Nickal, discussing criteria vs overtime

0:16 - Nickal officially going 86kg for the Olympic Trials

0:24 - Update on future UWW and USA wrestling events

0:28 - Recapping the rest of the NLWC event

0:36 - The first four of our eight man bracket are locked in

0:47 - Explaining why Pat Downey won’t be in the bracket

0:53 - Metcalf episode 1 drops September 23

01:04 - Sacred Heart plans to add women’s wrestling 

01:06 - Gable Steveson has undergone a massive transformation since his freshman year

01:10 - Gable, Kerkvliet, Parris, Gwiazdowski...the future of heavyweight in America is bright

01:15 - Questions from friends

Sep 18, 2020

Run Of Show

0:00 - It was very fun to watch live wrestling again

0:02 - Emily Shilson is a stud and going to be a problem for a long time

0:03 - Joe Colon and Seth Gross more than lived up to the hype and if you took the under you are dumb

0:10 - Victoria Francis widens the gap on Alexandria Glaude

0:11 - Rustam Ampar’s still got it

0:13 - Freestyle Gable Steveson is scary good

0:20 - Breaking down everything about the Yianni-Khinche match

0:28 - The athletes we heard from about the 8-man bracket

0:43 - AWA Duals this weekend, watch it!

0:45 - Questions from friends

Sep 17, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Super 32 is coming to Myrtle Beach

0:04 - The announcement you patiently waited for through the small talk

0:25 - Dead period extended to January 1. What gives?

0:38 - Going over Beat The Streets betting lines and making picks

0:42 - Vladimer Khinchegashvili joins NYC RTC

0:44 - The playing of a fire Yianni-Khinchegashvili hype video

0:48 - A little wrestling mat talk bc why not?

0:50 - Make sure you’re tuning into the Beat The Streets virtual benefit tonight as well and giving back if you can

0:52 - Getting back to Beat The Streets predictions

01:05 - A few quick questions from friends before Ben has to go

Sep 16, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben still refuses to not wear anything but ACDC shirts

0:02 - There’s a change in the Beat The Streets lineup and it has to do with an NCAA eligibility issue that could impact future events this fall

0:06 - How the NCAA & IOC rules hurt wrestling

0:10 - B1G Ten football is back! 

0:14 - CP lays out what college teams have to do if they want to practice right now

0:17 - Bratke had to dip out for a second to let the breakfast taco person into the office

0:19 - Thoughts on where Super 32 will be moving to?

0:23 - Should we add a fourth FRL this week so we can talk about the Beat The Streets matches that just happened?

0:26 - Talking a little AWA Duals that will be live on FloWrestling this weekend

0:35 - Ben thinks Zain Retherford-Alec Pantaleo might be closer than most people think

0:44 - Questions from friends

Sep 15, 2020

Run of Show

0:02 - A lot of things happened while CP was out, but you’re not going to not start out with Ben asking questions about Tony Ramos’ grappling

0:04 - CP weighs in on Daton Fix’s suspension

0:13 - JD wants to take ostarine, CP isn’t going to let him

0:14 - Bratke might have told everyone that CP was fired last week

0:15 - We finally have a date for episode 1 of the Metcalf FloFilm and we play the trailer which is fire

0:25 - In a recent interview with Mike Mal, Aaron Pico says the better man didn’t win between him and Frank Molinaro in the 2016 Olympic Trials finals

0:32 - More drama between Jordan Burroughs and Kyle Dake? 

0:46 - Ben double dog dares Aaron Pico to wrestle at the 2021 Olympic Trials

0:50 - Thoughts on Zahid talking about his suspension and changes he’s mad to his life

0:58 - Breaking down Nickal-Dieringer match that is going down this weekend

01:04 - Getting CP’s thoughts on Yianni-Khinch and the full Beat The Streets card

01:11 - Big Ten football update

01:16 - Super 32 will not happen in North Carolina, looking for new location

01:18 - CP shares his thoughts on Shayne Van Ness to Penn State

01:21 - Questions from friends

Sep 10, 2020

NOTE: Ben's mic was muted for the first minute and a half so the beginning is edited a little bit so please bare with us. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything great as Ben was just talking about Kansas City Chief fans. 

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben was muted for the first minute of the show so that’s cool, but just hang in there because we eventually get to Super Bowl odds

0:05 - Thoughts on what John Smith and Daton Fix had to say

0:08 - Yianni vs Kinchesgelli to headline Beat The Streets

0:19 - A decision on Super 32 could be coming soon

0:20 - Ben is a snowflake and tries to get Monster Garage shutdown 

0:23 - Talking a little Who’s #1 matchups

0:31 - A little wrestling would you rather talk

0:38 - Questions from friends

Sep 9, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - JD is rocking a sick Brett Favre shirt

0:02 - Breaking down Daton Fix’s USADA suspension

0:26 - Montorie Bridges not going to use his final year of eligibility

0:29 - JD joined the rankers guild when he dropped domestic men’s freestyle rankings

0:41 - 2021 & 2022 commitments are starting to fly off the board

0:42 - Discussing Cody Chittum school list

0:46 - Ben has to take a pee break

0:48 - Applebees, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Red Lobster: where ya going for your birthday dinner

0:51 - Ben has some thoughts on Tony Ramos vs Nicky Ryan

0:56 - Questions from friends

Sep 8, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is back and bionic! 

0:02 - Shayne Van Ness commits to Penn State. What does it mean for the Nittany Lions lineup?

0:08 - Could Penn State flip Richie Figueroa and land 1, 2, 3 in the class of 2021

0:09 - A little preview of some dope Alex Facundo Who’s #1 footage coming

0:10 - A little Who’s #1 trivia for ya

0:12 - Nick Suriano is officially on the Rutgers roster

0:15 - Trump is trying to make the Big Ten play football, update on how college football has gone so far

0:24 - Beat The Streets has announced 3 awesome matches so far

0:34 - Thomas Gilman will go back to Iowa and wrestle at Senior Nationals

0:39 - Jaydin Eierman is officially an Iowa Hawkeye

0:41 - A man in Australia was attacked by a shark

0:42 - Chael let CP off the hook for his take on the Banach-Schultz match and Ben’s thoughts on being able to turn Chael

0:45 - Real Woods pulls his name out of transfer portal, Ben’s Michigan plan could be on hold

0:48 - Ben’s thoughts on what next year’s NCAA season could look like 

0:52 - Nino Bonaccorsi moving up to 197 next season

0:56 - Questions from friends

Sep 3, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Chael Sonnen is back and wants CP to apologize for his many alleged transgressions from The Bad Guy’s last appearance on the show 

0:03 - Chael Sonnen thoughts on the inaugural Wrestling Underground Event

0:05 - What was up with the Greco-Roman match at WUG?

0:06 - Would Chael make any changes to Greco-Roman wrestling as it is now?

0:09 - We get Chael’s thoughts on the Dake-Chamizo match and how long Dake got on top

0:13 - Tony Ramos vs Nicky Ryan..what does Chael think of it?

0:17 - What is stopping wrestlers from moving to grappling and dominating?

0:20 - Chael’s opinion on youth wrestling, competing 

0:26 - CP asks Chael why he is waging war on the term “headlock”

0:33 - Chael asks us what weight several senior level guys are going to go for the Olympic Trials

0:38 - Chael tells the incredible backstory behind the Banach-Schultz NCAA final

0:43 - Who is the best current wrestler in America?

0:46 - 57kg at the Olympic Trials is going to be insane 

0:49 - There’s a chance Senior World Championships are coming in December

0:53 - Chael got some great feedback from his last appearance on the show

0:55 - Does Chael know how to pronounce Kyle Snyder?

0:57 - Alex Dieringer vs Bo Nickal will help determine who #2 at 86kg is

01:05 - Does Chael still believe no one can turn him from par terre?

01:08 - Chael tells an incredible story about a fight between Sean Bormet and Pat Smith

01:21 - Who is on Chael’s Mt. Rushmore of NCAA wrestling 

01:28 - Chael hangs up on us again

Sep 2, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - UNI assistant Lee Roper is back! 

0:01 - What is life currently like on campus at UNI?

0:03 - Roper provides us some insight into what the college wrestling season could look like 

0:08 - Ben is already up and walking from his surgery 

0:10 - Roper has some opinions on youth wrestling that differ from Ben’s philosophy 

0:19 - Roper actually learned a lot from Mike Tyson and not on how to bite people’s ears off

0:22 - United World Wrestling has Senior World Championships on their schedule online for December. What does that mean?

0:28 - Circling back to how you will qualify for the NCAA Championships this season

0:36 - Roper doesn’t believe coaches should be involved in NCAA Championships seeding process and coaches rankings shouldn’t be a thing

0:39 - Tony Ramos is doing a grappling match Nicky Ryan

0:41 - Why does grappling have a longer competition life than wrestling?

0:49 - Questions from friends

Sep 1, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Thoughts and prayers to Ben has he gets a new hip today, but don’t fear Bader is here to carry the show

0:02 - On the last show Ben refused to admit how hurt he actually was for the Demian Maia fight

0:03 - Beat The Streets returns to FloWrestling live on September 17

0:05 - Blue chip recruit Jesse Mendez releases his school list

0:08 - Ignore the background noise, just some classic construction going on next door

0:09 - The grilling of Mark S. Bader on how got involved in wrestling, his days wrestling at Mizzou, early days of Flo, the TERRY film, going on Russian nationals trips and more

Aug 27, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben will not stop wearing ACDC shirts

0:02 - Will Ben’s new hip help him perform better on FRL?

0:03 - Toughest NCAA Championship brackets from 2017-2012

0:20 - An update on Sidakov’s wedding drama

0:22 - Brian Realbuto is getting married, what marriage advice do we have for them?

0:24 - Finally getting back to the toughest NCAA Championship brackets

0:47 - Despite never drinking, Ben has been accused of DUI multiple times

0:52 - Questions from friends

Aug 26, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s the CP area code show

0:01 - We somehow haven’t run out of things to talk about yet

0:02 - Ben is going to have another tournament 

0:05 - Scaring Ben with one of the biggest sharks of all-time

0:07 - What older wrestlers should return to competition like Mike Tyson

0:12 - More people don’t know about the drama between Lee Roy Smith and Ryan Lewis back in 1984

0:28 - Looking at the toughest weight classes from the 2018 and 2019 NCAA Championships

0:42 - Questions from friends

Aug 25, 2020

Run Of Show

0:00 - You’re not going to not start the showing talking about ACDC

0:04 - The bands you are most likely to hear in a high school wrestling room

0:06 - Pushing back on Ben’s view on youth wrestling and competition 

0:13 - CP wasn’t allowed to have parental advisory CD’s

0:15 - Amit Elor out, Kylie Welker vs Skylar Hattendorf added to Who’s #1 card

0:17 - There will be a jiu jitsu event the night before Who’s #1 and there could be a wrestling connection to it

0:19 - Ben is scared of getting eaten by a shark and KB low key is as well

0:24 - Turns out, Sidakov’s wedding got pretty crazy

0:31 - Pat Brucki will transfer to Michigan for the 2021-22 season, what does that mean for the lineup?

0:39 - Iowa drops four sports

0:41 - What’s the latest with Super 32?

0:46 - Ben is having surgery this time next week

0:49 - Questions from friends

Aug 20, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke is rocking a dope Chupacabra shirt and it’s very much real

0:01 - Ben was late to the show this morning because he woke up early which makes a ton of sense

0:02 - Answering a couple of questions that came in regarding Ben’s philosophy on youth wrestling

0:18 - We have a Tiger King update because we know what you need right now

0:25 - Ben somehow just now finds out about parody law

0:27 - Old Dominion has been super shady with how they have handled the dropping of wrestling

0:36 - Another fall eligibility relief update

0:42 - Thomas Gilman’s new Verizon commercial

0:45 - The debut of Ben’s wrestling video with Chase Hooper

0:47 - CP makes fun of Ben’s other son in the UFC

0:51 - Questions from friends

Aug 19, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - The AC is always pumping in the office

0:01 - When will all Flo employees be asked to come back into the office? 

0:03 - Ben blows our minds with a crazy Bitcoin bet

0:04 - Update on the Dieringer-Amine match

0:05 - Apparently Austin DeSanto really hates Flo so that’s cool

0:06 - Ben is upset about everyone talking about the Russian stud kid

0:07 - What did Ben think about the Stevo viral video when he was a kid?

0:08 - Ben goes really in-depth about his philosophy on competing as kids and why he believes in his philosophy

0:24 - Cary Kolat’s unique experience with training as a kid and how he trains wrestlers

0:30 - Kolat is killing it on the recruiting trail right now

0:32 - This Seth Gross-Real Woods picture is causing people to lose their minds

0:39 - No D1 NCAA fall championships

0:41 - Those who choose to opt out of the NCA fall season will not lose an extra year of eligibility. Will that also be the case for winter athletes and if so will a lot of wrestlers do this?

0:43 - Shayne Van Ness is out of Who’s #1

0:45 - Britney Spears is fighting back and wants control of her life back

0:49 - Our Facebook live chat turned into a political battleground 

0:51 - Questions from friends

Aug 18, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke thinks the walk of champions is overrated 

0:03 - What’s going on with college athletics

0:05 - There’s a new COVID test 

0:06 - Wuhan is partying it up even though they started this whole mess

0:07 - The Big Ten is a mess right now

0:08 - Ben is hosting some tournaments

0:09 - CP’s mom saw Ben on ESPN

0:10 - Looking back at Daniel Cormier’s career

0:14 - California has some crazy taxes

0:15 - When we’re doing the dual rankings, we’re just doing Bratke’s job

0:17 - We start to pick a dual we’ve already done before

0:19 - Picking a winner between Penn State and Cornell

0:29 - Picking a winner between Iowa and Michigan

0:41 - Questions from friends

Aug 13, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke is solely rocking the gaiter from now on

0:01 - CP doesn’t understand why people wear masks by themselves in cars

0:03 - The recruiting dead period got extended again until September 30

0:05 - Ben is getting a kick out of the memes with conference logos

0:06 - Ben is pulling down trees in public places now

0:11 - Predicting a dual between NC State and Michigan

0:34 - Making picks for a dual between Michigan and Cornell

0:47 - Making picks for a dual between Penn State and Nebraska

1:00 - D11 football coach in Pennsylvania goes in

1:05 - Questions from friends

Aug 12, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben somehow thinks talking politics is fun

0:02 - Update on college football. Big 12, SEC, ACC is pushing forward

0:11 - Wrestling underground in cage but freestyle 

0:25 - Mia Palumbo vs Sage Mortimer added to Who’s #1 card

0:31 - Making picks for Ohio State vs Nebraska

0:51 - Making picks for Ohio State vs Cornell

01:02 - Questions from friends

Aug 11, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben had to do a quick wardrobe change before the show started

0:01 - Ben explains why he is no longer with the Wisconsin RTC

0:04 - What ever happened to little Hercules?

0:06 - Ben pulled off a great prank on Ariel Helwani 

0:08 - Lenny Pento-Rylan Rogers added to Who’s #1 card and we aren’t done yet

0:09 - An update on the fight to save the Stanford program

0:12 - Ryan Crookham commits to Lehigh

0:14 - Update on Super 32

0:16 - A 2020-21 NCAA wrestling season is really not looking good & what’s going on with college football

0:27 - Is Ben going to pin Logan Paul in under a minute?

0:30 - NCAA dual rankings are on their way and they’re a mess

0:38 - Picking a winner in a dual between Michigan and Penn State

0:55 - Picking a winner in a dual between Cornell and Nebraska

01:03 - Questions from friends

Aug 6, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Any changes you made during quarantine that will become permanent?

0:06 - What the NCAA season will likely look like this year

0:11 - Senior Nationals and U23 World Team Trials could be massive this year

0:20 - October could be a massive month for wrestling 

0:22 - Breaking down pins at the last 10 NCAA Championships

0:37 - Questions from friends

Aug 5, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Wisconsin rankings kicks off the show because why not…

0:02 - We have a surprise guest for Ben

0:10 - Wisconsin high school rankings time finally comes to an end

0:11 - These new Ohio COVID-19 guidelines are a little out of control

0:15 - Ryan LeBlanc named head coach at The Citadel

0:17 - UConn announces they will not play football in 2020

0:18 - Two top 40 wrestlers in the class of 2021 committed Tuesday

0:27 - Ben has a Russian wrestling update

0:29 - Breaking down Jon Kozak’s data on Russia’s men’s freestyle success at the World Championships

0:40 - Was edge wrestling the United States biggest problem from 2006-10?

0:48 - Questions from friends

Aug 4, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s camp szn in Wisconsin

0:05 - Nick Suriano re-enrolls at Rutgers

0:12 - Spencer Lee weight and how long he wants to wrestle update

0:15 - How USA men’s freestyle World Championship results have drastically changed since 2008

0:27 - Why did Team USA struggle so much 2008-2010

0:31 - What wrestlers could have stayed in the sport in that era?

0:34 - Ben tries to figure another one of our contributors 

0:36 - We get an update on what’s going on with Sadulaev and he’s got two ADAMS warnings

0:42 - Bono supports our Wisconsin high school ranker, but Ben still wants to fire him

0:44 - We get back to talking about Sadulaev and all the kids he wants

0:48 - The foreign wrestling star IG post of the day

0:50 - We finally get a life update on Denis Tsargush 

0:54 - Questions from friends 

0:57 - Spey joins the show for a social studies lesson

01:07 - Circling back to questions from friends

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