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Aug 18, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke thinks the walk of champions is overrated 

0:03 - What’s going on with college athletics

0:05 - There’s a new COVID test 

0:06 - Wuhan is partying it up even though they started this whole mess

0:07 - The Big Ten is a mess right now

0:08 - Ben is hosting some tournaments

0:09 - CP’s mom saw Ben on ESPN

0:10 - Looking back at Daniel Cormier’s career

0:14 - California has some crazy taxes

0:15 - When we’re doing the dual rankings, we’re just doing Bratke’s job

0:17 - We start to pick a dual we’ve already done before

0:19 - Picking a winner between Penn State and Cornell

0:29 - Picking a winner between Iowa and Michigan

0:41 - Questions from friends

Aug 13, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke is solely rocking the gaiter from now on

0:01 - CP doesn’t understand why people wear masks by themselves in cars

0:03 - The recruiting dead period got extended again until September 30

0:05 - Ben is getting a kick out of the memes with conference logos

0:06 - Ben is pulling down trees in public places now

0:11 - Predicting a dual between NC State and Michigan

0:34 - Making picks for a dual between Michigan and Cornell

0:47 - Making picks for a dual between Penn State and Nebraska

1:00 - D11 football coach in Pennsylvania goes in

1:05 - Questions from friends

Aug 12, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben somehow thinks talking politics is fun

0:02 - Update on college football. Big 12, SEC, ACC is pushing forward

0:11 - Wrestling underground in cage but freestyle 

0:25 - Mia Palumbo vs Sage Mortimer added to Who’s #1 card

0:31 - Making picks for Ohio State vs Nebraska

0:51 - Making picks for Ohio State vs Cornell

01:02 - Questions from friends

Aug 11, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben had to do a quick wardrobe change before the show started

0:01 - Ben explains why he is no longer with the Wisconsin RTC

0:04 - What ever happened to little Hercules?

0:06 - Ben pulled off a great prank on Ariel Helwani 

0:08 - Lenny Pento-Rylan Rogers added to Who’s #1 card and we aren’t done yet

0:09 - An update on the fight to save the Stanford program

0:12 - Ryan Crookham commits to Lehigh

0:14 - Update on Super 32

0:16 - A 2020-21 NCAA wrestling season is really not looking good & what’s going on with college football

0:27 - Is Ben going to pin Logan Paul in under a minute?

0:30 - NCAA dual rankings are on their way and they’re a mess

0:38 - Picking a winner in a dual between Michigan and Penn State

0:55 - Picking a winner in a dual between Cornell and Nebraska

01:03 - Questions from friends

Aug 6, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Any changes you made during quarantine that will become permanent?

0:06 - What the NCAA season will likely look like this year

0:11 - Senior Nationals and U23 World Team Trials could be massive this year

0:20 - October could be a massive month for wrestling 

0:22 - Breaking down pins at the last 10 NCAA Championships

0:37 - Questions from friends

Aug 5, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Wisconsin rankings kicks off the show because why not…

0:02 - We have a surprise guest for Ben

0:10 - Wisconsin high school rankings time finally comes to an end

0:11 - These new Ohio COVID-19 guidelines are a little out of control

0:15 - Ryan LeBlanc named head coach at The Citadel

0:17 - UConn announces they will not play football in 2020

0:18 - Two top 40 wrestlers in the class of 2021 committed Tuesday

0:27 - Ben has a Russian wrestling update

0:29 - Breaking down Jon Kozak’s data on Russia’s men’s freestyle success at the World Championships

0:40 - Was edge wrestling the United States biggest problem from 2006-10?

0:48 - Questions from friends

Aug 4, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s camp szn in Wisconsin

0:05 - Nick Suriano re-enrolls at Rutgers

0:12 - Spencer Lee weight and how long he wants to wrestle update

0:15 - How USA men’s freestyle World Championship results have drastically changed since 2008

0:27 - Why did Team USA struggle so much 2008-2010

0:31 - What wrestlers could have stayed in the sport in that era?

0:34 - Ben tries to figure another one of our contributors 

0:36 - We get an update on what’s going on with Sadulaev and he’s got two ADAMS warnings

0:42 - Bono supports our Wisconsin high school ranker, but Ben still wants to fire him

0:44 - We get back to talking about Sadulaev and all the kids he wants

0:48 - The foreign wrestling star IG post of the day

0:50 - We finally get a life update on Denis Tsargush 

0:54 - Questions from friends 

0:57 - Spey joins the show for a social studies lesson

01:07 - Circling back to questions from friends

Jul 30, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - You need to watch Last Chance U ASAP

0:01 - ACC lays out a plan for their fall sports to return

0:07 - Could we see college wrestlers opt out of season like a couple football players have done?

0:10 - Ben teases that a couple guys could do a second straight Olympic redshirt

0:11 - When KB does an Alien Hour, things happen

0:13 - Top 10 John Smith era wrestlers

0:35 - Checking in on more Russian wrestling Instagrams

0:37 - Ben gets triggered bc he can’t find an all-time NCAA pin list

0:39 - Questions from friends

Jul 29, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - We find out that stump grinders are very expensive

0:02 - Burroughs throws a little shade at Dake on Twitter after he beat Chamizo

0:03 - Does the Dake-Chamizo result impact your feelings about a Dake-Burroughs matchup?

0:13 - J’den Cox wants a match with David Taylor before DT takes on Sadulaev

0:17 - Explaining the Astros cheating scandal to Ben

0:20 - Bratke invites Saduleav to stay at his house

0:21 - Ben talks a little more about his conversation with Kyle Dake and his training philosophy

0:26 - Drafting makes that we want to see

0:43 - Austin DeSanto does have freestyle experience and the story is great

0:44 - Questions from friends

Jul 28, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Chael Sonnen was electric last Thursday

0:03 - Overall thoughts on the event, what’s next?

0:06 - Ben has questions about the U.S. Senior Nationals

0:13 - Breaking down Vito’s win over Sammy Alvarez

0:17 - How good did RBY look?

0:24 - Ben can’t believe he gets to help make some incredible matchups

0:26 - Pletcher won, but Darrion Caldwell’s performance was impressive

0:29 - When was the last time the boys puked after a workout?

0:35 - David Taylor is scary good

0:38 - Thoughts on the main event of the evening: Dake vs Chamizo

0:49 - One time at Fargo one of Ben’s kids got left on bottom for 50 seconds

01:03 - 2020 Who’s #1 card announced

01:08 - Pat Brucki throws his name in the transfer portal

01:13 - Questions from friends

Jul 23, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - CP finally gives Chael Sonen a proper introduction

0:01 - Chael goes off on CP and everything wrestling but it’s absolutely awesome

0:59 - Questions from friends 

Jul 22, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben was an ironman, but is finally going to miss a show on Thursday

0:03 - Walking down FRL memory lane

0:05 - Breaking down the betting odds for July 25th

0:07 - No shirt, no shoes, no service

0:09 - Circling back to this weekend’s betting odds

0:39 - Making some pushups wagers for this weekend

0:44 - Questions from friends

Jul 21, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s match week and wrestlers will be in town shortly

0:05 - Ben wants Spencer Lee to wrestle Rustam Ampar

0:08 - California high school wrestling will be moved to the spring

0:11 - Many people were uneducated about Myles Martin’s world ranking

0:16 - Steven Kyle Bratke explains how Myles Martin can beat David Taylor

0:22 - Who will meet David Taylor in the Olympic Trials finals?

0:25 - We’ll have a special guest filling in for Ben Askren on Thursday

0:27 - Ben hiked 7.2 miles barefoot and regretted his decision 

0:29 - Jon Morrison & Helen Maroulis join DMV RTC

0:33 - Which colleges former wrestlers are now the most over their competition weight?

0:36 - Breaking down the match order of the July 25th card

0:38 - RBY offers up a point challenge to Jack Mueller

0:40 - Playing the fire RBY-Mueller promo and discussing the match

0:47 - Asking Joe Pollard about the status of Nick Suriano returning to Rutgers

0:49 - The dates for wrestling at the Tokyo Olympics are set

0:50 - CP is scared of traveling internationally

0:52 - Questions from friends

0:55 - Our international ranker Jon Kozak joins the show

01:04 - Getting back to questions from friends

Jul 16, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - How did JD Rader do while CP was out?

0:01 - Thoughts on Jordan Burroughs making the move to Penn RTC in 2021

0:14 - Who could the Nebraska Wrestling Training Center go out and get?

0:17 - Verified Twitter accounts got locked and someone was stealing bitcoin 

0:21 - Updating CP on Ben’s offer of getting Myles Amine to wrestle Alex Dieringer

0:25 - Myles Martin will replace Pat Downey on July 25

0:31 - Does Rutgers have some big news with Nick Suriano coming?

0:37 - Better potential 1-2-3 punch: Iowa or Rutgers?

0:41 - CP is BFF’s with Myles Martin’s dad

0:42 - PIAA moving from 14 high school weight classes to 13

0:46 - Traveling with Mark Bader is the absolute worst

0:49 - Questions from friends

Jul 15, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben’s got to do his taxes

0:01 - The arena the World Championships is supposed to be at is currently a COVID hospital

0:07 - Bellarmine moving up to D1 and will join SoCon

0:10 - Jenna Burkert to the Southeast RTC

0:12 - Update on Bellarmine’s postseason status

0:14 - Luke Pletcher hops on

0:15 - Pletcher breaks down how he got on the card

0:17 - Luke really doesn’t understand how wrestlers can say no to wrestling for money

0:20 - Reaction to everyone wanting to wrestle him after Ashnault withdrew 

0:21 - How familiar is Luke with Darrion Caldwell and how will he prepare for the match?

0:25 - Ben really wants Luke to watch Lang-Caldwell

0:26 - Luke gives us some insight into his training situation 

0:29 - Luke wasn’t surprised to learn that Caldwell didn’t know who he was

0:30 - Luke is planning on hitting a turn in this match 

0:31 - A couple questions from friends about Luke’s NCAA career

0:36 - Luke hops off but is excited to put on a show

0:38 - What the event will look like on the 25th 

0:40 - What made Darrion want to come back to the mat, how wrestling training is different from MMA

0:43 - Darrion said he would have beat Kyle Dake in 2011 if he was healthy

0:48 - How the Caldwell-Pletcher match came to be

0:50 - Ben is fascinated with how people become stars

0:55 - Ben has a question about college football

0:58 - More talk on Luke Pletcher’s weight classes while in college

0:59 - Questions from friends

Jul 14, 2020

Run of Show


0:00 - Welcome FloWrestling Terminal Live

0:01 - CP provides some updates on the July 25th card

0:06 - Fire Dake-Chamizo promo

0:11 - What do we expect from Darrion Caldwell against Luke Pletcher?

0:15 - Sammy Alvarez-Vito Arujau should be very interesting 

0:17 - Who does Ben want to see David Taylor face?

0:20 - Ben will foot the bill for a Myles Amine-Alex Dieiringer match if Amine wins

0:23 - RBY-Mueller is going to be fire as well

0:24 - RBY is a big fan of Austin DeSanto

0:27 - Bratke talks about the CDC and likely makes someone mad

0:29 - Former Missouri All-American Greg Warren joins the show to talk about his new c

omedy special

0:33 - Greg got beat up by a local farmer that turned out to be a former NCAA champion

0:38 - How Greg created the Wes Wesley character

0:39 - Greg had Max Askren doing Wes Wesley skits before he wrestled in the NCAA finals

0:41 - Greg breaks down his one-star people bit

0:43 - Stall Camp was genius and broke people’s brains

0:44 - Playing the Stall Camp trailer

0:46 - Greg breaks down his excellent wrestling career

0:51 - The clip of Greg pummeling the homeless man in Austin, great radio

0:52 - How did Greg get into stand up comedy?

0:53 - Greg use to try new material out on the Missouri wrestling team

0:55 - Greg explains when and where his special was shot at

0:57 - Real Woods enters the transfer portal, where will he end up?

01:01 - More wrestlers could be stripped of their Olympic medals

01:05 - We need Real Woods to go to Michigan so we can see a Shoe Gate wrestle-off

01:07 - The Big Ten and Pac-12 canceled fall sports non-conference competitions 

01:13 - Questions from friends

Jul 9, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke is back in the mix

0:01 - Ben is finally figuring out technology 

0:03 - Stanford is planning on dropping wrestling

0:11 - Ivy League delays start of sports

0:13 - Is higher education in trouble?

0:14 - Roman Bravo-Young vs Jack Mueller added to July 25 card

0:16 - WE AR Ep. 3 thoughts

0:20 Ben goes deep in the philosophy of wrestling 

0:31 - College wrestling is going to look very different next year

0:35 - We are going to groom our kids to be good enough to be recruited by Penn State

0:37 - An alien hour update and a new one that will blow your mind

0:55 - Questions from friends

Jul 8, 2020


0:00 - Last show for Nomad as Bratke returns tomorrow

0:01 - WE ARE episode 3 drops tonight, plus some BIG news

0:05 - Let’s talk about the full length David Taylor interview

0:12 - Sidebar to Quentin Wright’s interview on The Bader Show

0:17 - Back to the DT interview and all the various paths he took

0:34 - Taylor’s struggles with burnout in comparison to how often other kids burnout

0:43 - Parents impact on their kid’s wrestling

0:46 - Quentin talking about Cael coming to Penn State and Cael’s fundamentals

1:02 - Should Ben get an Apple TV?

1:07 - Questions from Friends

Jul 7, 2020


0:00 - CP details why he’s proud to work at FloWrestling and how we help the sport

0:14 - CP’s thoughts on the term grow the sport

0:17 - Flo needs to be responsible stewards for the financial resources we are given

0:18 - There is some JUICE in the long form interviews with Dake, Chamizo, Downey, and Taylor

0:25 - Pushing back on Dake’s take about Burroughs way of training

0:35 - Both Dake and Chamizo are extremely confident they are going to win

0:37 - How much different is the Cuban system to the American system?

0:53 - Anthony Ashnault is out, so who should replace him?

0:56 - UWW and USAW set nothing in stone, but updates on potential trials and world championships for JRs and U23s

1:04 - Questions from Friends

Jul 2, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - CP joins us from a Holiday Inn in Ithaca
0:02 - The boys are getting some excellent content on the East Coast, particularly the DT and PD3 trash talk
0:04 - CP and Askren go back and forth on Downey’s two-style match with Joe Rau
0:17 - People are definitely tuning to watch Pat Downey get beat by Taylor
0:20 - The Cleveland Clinic calls Ben Askren every day
0:21 - Will people who normally root for Burroughs root for Chamizo against Dake?
0:24 - Jon Kozak has put together his senior level freestyle results database
0:25 - What changes could be made to incentivize guys to wrestle more on the senior level?
0:33 - Updates from what world championships we could potentially see
0:46 - Let’s talk about 2023 recruiting and what young prospects should be considering
01:18 - Questions from Friends

Jul 1, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Askren grinded 150 stumps yesterday
0:02 - We tried having CP on but no go
0:03 - Chamizo spent the day training with Evan Wick yesterday
0:04 - Who could possibly simulate Kyle Dake for a training camp?
0:12 - Which does the first time matchup favor, Dake or Chamizo?
0:16 - Chamizo stepped up to the plate and is bumping up to 79kg
0:23 - Ben finally watched the matches from this weekend
0:39 - COVID is starting to affect college wrestling financially
0:50 - Penn has a big leg up on 2022 recruiting so far, and it has a lot to do with the PRTC
01:06 - Questions from Friends

Jun 30, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - CP is on location at Rhino Wrestling
0:01 - JD Rader is making his FRL debut on his hometown area code
0:02 - CP talks about the shoot with Frank Chamizo yesterday
0:11 - CP hops off and now the kids are at play
0:12 - Is there a better guy to watch practice for a young guy than Chamizo?
0:13 - Do we put too much emphasis on PSU’s wrestling and not enough on their mental training?
0:28 - Sebastian Rivera and Matt Storniolo were on the Bader Show yesterday
0:31 - Seabass on The Bader Show yesterday
0:33 - Ben’s take on Seabass coming home
0:42 - Ben’s advice to Sebastian Rivera
0:48 - Coach Storniolo clip on The Bader Show
0:50 - Will grad transfers be more common now with the portal?
0:56 - Chas Tucker is going in the portal, but NOT to wrestle
1:03 - Questions from Friends

Jun 25, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is a lumberjack now
0:04 - Ben’s thoughts on “WE ARE” episode 2
0:27 - Wisconsin board of control passes 10-0 resolution to sanction a girls state tournament for 2021-22
0:32 - Mocco was one of the biggest high school recruits of all-time
0:34 - Is there less combustibility in the recruiting rankings now?
0:54 - Let’s get into the 285 pound weight class for 2020-21
01:05 - Questions from Friend

Jun 24, 2020

CP, Askren, and Nomad catch up after a huge day of transfer portal news and the WIAA's disappointing vote on women's wrestling.

Run of Show

0:00 - Askren is fixing up his studio
0:01 - Shoutout Gary Traub! It’s the Cincinnati episode
0:02 - Ben is not happy with the WIAA about the women’s wrestling vote
0:07 - Gavin Teasdale is in the transfer portal
0:10 - Sebastian Rivera is now in the portal
0:22 - Why so many transfers at this time?
0:35 - Our thoughts on kids leaving their region to go to high school in a different area
0:50 - You can now buy FloSports t-shirts!
0:52 - Ben is mad he didn’t get a sneak peek of episode 2 of WE ARE
1:01 - Questions from Friends

Jun 23, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Nomad is back

0:02 - It’s the Austin, Texas episode

0:03 - Nomad had to change pants in the office

0:06 - CP was a terrible student

0:07 - Early thoughts on Dake vs Chamizo is going to be awesome

0:25 - David Taylor and Pat Downey really don’t like each other

0:34 - Luke Pletcher-Anthony Ashnault will be a lot of fun

0:36 - Kennedy Monday enters the transfer portal

0:43 - Nomad quarantine update

0:49 - Nomad gives his take on the great talent debate 

0:53 - Nomad’s takes us through what’s happening on the recruiting trail

0:55 - Who’ #1 card will be announced during Dake-Chamizo card

01:02 - Questions from friends

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