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Dec 30, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Wisconsin finally got a lot of snow

0:02 - Nate Jackson wants to wrestle Ben Askren

0:03 - The Big Ten has released their volleyball schedule just to troll us

0:05 - Everything you need to know about opening weekend in D1 wrestling

0:30 - Ben clarifies his comments on Dan Gable

0:42 - Question from friends on Dan Gable

01:01 - Mark Bader joins the show to talk about the Dan Gable documentary

Dec 29, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Catching up with the boys and sharing how Christmas was

0:03 - NCAA wrestling is officially back this week

0:05 - It was a very sad day in the wrestling community on Christmas

0:10 - Austin Gomez medically retires from wrestling

0:11 - Brand new NCAA rankings are out

0:17 - What the heck is going on with Nick Suriano drama

0:24 - Nebraska lineup changes

0:27 - Minnesota has some lineup changes as well

0:30 - What NCAA wrestling we have on tap this weekend

0:33 - NCAA 285 tiers

0:46 - Talking about the remainder of the Burroughs-Taylor card

0:54 - Questions from friends

Dec 23, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Is Ben going to fight Jake Paul?

0:04 - Still no Big Ten wrestling schedules. Do we need to hack the system?

0:06 - NCAA 174 tiers

0:07 - What is Michigan doing with the back half of their lineup?

0:09 - Moving back to the 174-pound tiers for fears

0:17 - A few interesting Mizzou wrestle-off results

0:20 - NCAA 184 tiers

0:47 - NCAA 197 tiers for fears

01:03 - Question from friends

01:06 - Breaking down Bajrang-Zain Retherford match and more thoughts on Wolfpack WC vs NLWC

01:16 - Questions from friends

Dec 22, 2020

Run of Show

0:01 - Ben is calling in from Haunchyville

0:02 - Where at the Big Ten wrestling schedules?

0:10 - Recapping the 150 lbs 8-man bracket

0:28 - What will the next 8-man bracket be?

0:35  - A little food talk, ranking the meats (Ben has some terrible takes)

0:41 - NCAA 157 lbs tiers

0:50 - NCAA 165 lbs tiers

0:59 - Questions from friends

01:07 - Thoughts on the Chamizo-Zhamalov match at Individual World Cup

01:14 - Back to Questions from friends

Dec 17, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Gilman-Gross was a mess

0:11 - The beef between Gilman and Hawkeye Wrestling Club

0:23 - Catching you up on what’s going on with the Individual World Cup

0:35 - Making predictions for the 150 lbs 8-man bracket

0:42 - Andrew Alirez is big mad at CP and Bratke

0:43 - Getting back to 150 lbs 8-man bracket predictions

01:12 - Russian still banned from the next two Olympics

01:15 - Questions from friends

Dec 16, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke is back after healing his son

0:01 - Ben is on cloud 9 because of Bitcoin

0:03 - Update on NCAA seeding & field at the NCAA Championships

0:11 - NCAA 125-pound tiers

0:23 - NCAA 133-pound tiers

0:36 - NCAA 141-pound tiers

0:51 - NCAA 149-pound tiers

01:06 - Gilman-Gross predictions

01:09 - What matches will count towards Olympic Trials seeding

01:13 - How will 57kg be seeded at Olympic Trials

01:20 - Senior level MFS matches with the most heat

01:26 - Questions from friends

Dec 15, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - JD is back and as always looking fashionable

0:01 - Burroughs-Taylor is really going to happen

0:43 - Russia send the #1’s to the individual World Cup

0:47 - Is Burroughs-Taylor the biggest U.S. match of all-time?

0:53 - 150 lbs bracket update

01:02 - Ben’s favorite international wrestlers

01:08 - Will Nick Lee really Olympic redshirt?

01:13 - Questions from friends

Dec 10, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Big day at FloSports on the announcement front

0:01 - How we decided to put together the 150 lbs 8-man bracket

0:02 - Getting down to business and revealing the bracket

0:21 - James Green thinks Lugo beats Bajrang

0:25 - Why does Bajrang resonate with American wrestling fans

0:35 - The Anthony Robles advantage talk got brought up again last night…

0:39 - Showing the RTC Cup highlight

0:42 - Update on saving Stanford wrestling

0:46 - Why wrestling doesn’t need the Olympics

0:52 - The return of Alien Hour

01:00 - Breaking down Brock Martin’s throw against the TCU football player

01:02 - Questions from friends

Dec 9, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - We are going to try and be dynamic again today

0:01 - The 2024 Olympics are running it back with the same weights, medals, participants, etc.

0:07 - The UFC makes some major cuts

0:10 - It’s crazy how many techs there at the U.S. Open

0:14 - NCAA wrestling takeaways from the RTC Cup

0:19 - Kollin Moore-Mike Macchiavello was wild

0:23 - Will J’den Cox go back to 92kg or stay at 97kg at the Olympics

0:25 - Ben does not want J’den Cox and Kyle Snyder at the same weight in non-Olympic years

0:30 - Carson Kharchla is going to be a factor at 165 this season

0:34 - Breaking down the contenders next year at 165

0:40 - What will the back half of Michigan’s lineup look like next szn?

0:44 - How would Myles Amine vs AJ Ferrari go?

0:46 - Hidlay-Massa was wild

0:48 - Question from friends

Dec 8, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is nervous about filming some technique today

0:02 - Mason Parris is doing things that Ben has never seen heavyweights do

0:10 - Who’s stock went up the most this weekend?

0:13 - Can Vito Arujau go with Spencer Lee now?

0:18 - Back to the OW’s of the weekend

0:31 - Ben wants to retract a statement he had about professional duals moving forward

0:40 - The grounded rule needs to be looked at

0:42 - Yianni looked great

0:43 - Thoughts on how James Green looked down at 68kg and thoughts on him going 65kg

0:50 - Should a tech fall be higher?

0:53 - What did Gable change from his last matches with Gwiz?

0:59 - Gable says he’s done after next year

01:09 - CKWC secures the bag and wins the RTC Cup

01:16 - Burroughs and Dake won’t stop tweeting each other

01:22 - Mason Parris-Gable exchanging some tweets

01:23 - Stillwater vs Broken Arrow live tonight!

01:27 - A couple questions from friends

Dec 3, 2020

On episode 582 of FRL, Ben, Bray, and Jon Kozak talk top mercenaries and wildcards at this weekend's RTC Cup.

Run of Show

0:00 - Ed Ruth accidentally called out a small child

0:04 - Gable Steveson promo. Is that the top match of the RTC Cup?

0:17 - What does a Mason Parris vs Nick Gwiazdowski look like?

0:22 - Reviewing UWW dual meet criteria

0:30 - Top mercenaries at the RTC Cup

0:41 - Wildcards who could make a big impact

0:54 - Top dual meet memories

Dec 2, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - CP is hanging out with Joe Rogan on Lake Travis

0:03 - Gabe Dean calls out Ed Ruth

0:06 - Ben is going to take some matches next year

0:12 - Making picks for Spartan vs Wolfpack

0:20 - Breaking down the most recent brawl at a Russian wrestling tournament

0:25 - Predictions for Gopher WC vs Ohio RTC

0:32 - A couple rule changes we would like to see

0:40 - Picks for NJ/SE vs Wolfpack WC

0:47 - Predictions for the championship final of the RTC Cup

01:02 - Questions from friends

Dec 1, 2020

Run of Show

00:00 - Ben is back in black and doing a giveaway on his Instagram

0:01 - Is Ben going to fight Jake Paul?

0:02 - Thoughts on Tyson-Jones

0:04 - Shoutout to the 580 area code

0:05 - RTC Cup week is finally here and unfortunately there are some roster changes

0:11 - CP about left his kids on a Colorado mountainside 

0:14 - Gabe Dean really pushed David Taylor, will wrestle through the Olympic Trials

0:22 - CP’s thoughts on Nahhson Garrett joining the SE RTCs

0:24 - Ben really wants to see Terry Brands and John Smith wrestle

0:25 - Making picks for every day 1 dual at the RTC Cup

01:27 - Bajrang Punia training at CKWC in December

01:28 - Bastida joins Iowa State wrestling program

Nov 24, 2020

Run of Show

0:01 - Titan Mercury Wrestling Club Director of Operations, Jonny Ruggiano, joins the show to talk about how the RTC Cup came to be, how the pools were decided, how it will be contested, and much more

0:24 - Talking about the day 1 RTC Cup matchups we’re most excited about 

0:35 - Nahshon Garrett joined Southeast RTC and will wrestle for them at the RTC Cup

0:37 - Does adding Nahshon make NJ/SE RTC the favorite in their pool?

0:38 - Ben forgot to lock his door and Ozzy makes an appearance 

0:40 - Oklahoma State is on fire recruiting. What has led to their uptick in recruiting?

0:53 - Bratke has to go let his dog out

0:54 - Ben explains why folkstyle turns don’t work in freestyle 

0:55 - Wrapping up the Oklahoma State talk with somes theories on why the Cowboys succeed when guys move up

0:57 - Michael Blockhus transferring from UNI to Minnesota

0:58 - An awesome Gabe Dean interview where he opened up about personal stuff while wrestling

01:03 - Seth Nevills transferring from Fresno State to South Dakota State

01:05 - Ben begins his war on Thanksgiving food again

01:10 - Questions from friends

Nov 19, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is back in America and his sleep schedule is messed up

0:01 - The Tiger King’s husband got arrested pretty close to Bratke’s house

0:02 - The hilarious story of how Ben got out of a ticket one time

0:05 - We received an anonymous email from someone claiming they know Rutgers lineup, 

0:15 - Should freestyle results count towards college rankings in this crazy year?

0:18 - Reviewing the MAC’s plan for the season 

0:19 - PSAC cancels winter sports. Now up to individual schools if they want to compete

0:21- RTC Cup rosters are out and are absolutely loaded

0:55 - Question from friends

Nov 18, 2020

Run of Show

0:01 - The RTC Cup is coming up and NC State is hinting at a big announcement

0:10 - How the Ivy League canceling winter sports impacts individual rankings and team race

0:24 - Why Bratke is optimistic about the NCAA season happening 

0:28 - The Bachelorette featured wrestling last night and Bratke and Bray have some thoughts

0:38 - Bray breaks down the biggest changes to the high school wrestling P4P rankings

0:50 - All the scenarios of how the 150 lbs 8-man bracket could look like

01:00 - Ed Ruth officially announced by the Wolfpack RTC

01:04 - Question from friends

01:28 - The trailer for the Real Woods special coming next week

Nov 17, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben is still in Singapore but ready to come back from the good ole USA

0:01 - Ben is making his way through The Wire and really wants to talk about it

0:05 - Burroughs-Zahid more than delivered

0:20 - Thoughts on how Echmendia-Henderson played out

0:22 - Tyler Berger could be a real problem once 70kg is back

0:23 - Alli Ragan and Kayla Miracle continued to look dominant 

0:23 - We all thought Hancock and Vera would be more competitive 

0:26 - The RTC Cup is coming December 4-5 and going to be awesome

0:31 - AJ Ferrari is the real deal and CP thinks he’s a title contender right away

0:36 - Bernie Truax made a name for himself over the weekend

0:39 - 65kg Juniors was insane from start to finish

0:43 - Is Ben becoming too white collar for the wrestling community?

0:45 - We are excited to announce a 4-year partnership with United World Wrestling

0:52 - Going weight by weight through U23 & Junior results

Getting back to talking 

01:23 - Our 8-man 150 lbs bracket is set and is fire flames

Nov 12, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Ben somehow has better internet in Singapore than he does in Wisconsin and he’s pretty jet lagged 

0:01 - Ben is fired up about the UWW Junior & U23 entries 0:05 - Ben’s computer might die bc he can’t leave the room to get an adapter 

0:06 - GSP, Demetrius Johnson, and Renzo Gracie will be on the show with Ben 

0:07 - Making picks for some of the best weights at UWW Junior and U23s

0:19 - Who won National Signing Day and the biggest surprises so far

0:29 - Gable Steveson and AJ Ferrari are still beefing on Instagram

0:31 - Dake’s thoughts on Burroughs-Zahid and what he would do if JB did chang weights

0:34 - Ben’s thoughts on what Dake had to say about Burroughs

0:38 - Making predictions for Burroughs-Zahid card

0:53 - Alien Hour about Gravity Hill in Pennsylvania

01:01 - Questions from friends

Nov 11, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - With JD around we can’t stop doing smelling salts

0:01 - Iowa registered a bunch of hammers for U23 & Junior Nationals including Austin DeSanto

0:06 - AJ Ferrari has entered Junior Nationals just like Ben wanted him to

0:21 - UWW switching from World Championships to Individual World Cup

0:25 - Kyle Dake shares his thoughts on the Burroughs-Zahid matchup

0:36 - Could Valencia’s par terre defense be an X-factor?

0:45 - Britney Spears is not free...yet

0:47 - Questions from friends

Nov 10, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - How did we do this show for 6 months with no wrestling happening?

0:01 - There was a lot of really good high school wrestling this weekend

0:05 - Jordan Burroughs & Zahid Valencia keep talking trash on Twitter

0:20 - IMAR is not happy with Jordan Burroughs

0:28 - AJ Ferrari also came at the king on Twitter…

0:31 - Gable Steveson had a few choice words for Ferrari himself

0:32 - John Smith gave a preview of what the Oklahoma State lineup will look like 

0:42 - AJ Ferrari is about to be the biggest heel in NCAA wrestling 

0:44 - U23 & Junior Nationals registration is picking up

0:50 - Questions from friends

01:16 - Burroughs-Valencia fire promo

Nov 5, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Mexico Ben can’t get connected to the internet south of the border

0:01 - The November 14th card match order is set

0:11 - JD is going to try to put together a compilation of all of Jordan Burroughs clutch moments

0:14 - Talking a little about the Burroughs-Valencia matchup

0:20 - Bratke was a jerk and reminded CP we should be watching college wrestling right now…

0:21 - Ammonia Sports saw our smelling salts video...could they potentially sponsor us in the future?

0:23 - The tough decisions NCAA seniors and wrestling programs will have to make next March

0:31 - JD is about to be a beach boy again with Spey for NHSCA Fall National Duals

0:32 - UWW Junior & U23 Nationals registration update

0:33 - State associations making big changes to the high school seasons around the country

0:39 - Nebraska on a roll on the recruiting trail

0:42 - Questions from friends

Nov 4, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - JD wore a Texas jacket just to trigger Bratke

0:02 - CP thinks the electoral college is electric 

0:03 - Roasting JD for picking two winners of the 195 lbs bracket

0:05 - United World Wrestling backs up their decision date to have the World Championships and is trying to talk USA Wrestling and Japan into going

0:08 - Double digit Fresno State wrestler have entered the transfer portal

0:11 - What should domestic men’s freestyle top 10 p4p rankings look like?

0:27 - If you could make a card featuring any matchups...what would it be?

0:39 - Questions from friends

Nov 3, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - The President won’t stop talking about Ben and 2 Chainz mentioned him in a song

0:03 - Recapping the 195 lbs 8-man bracket

0:37 - November 14 full card has finally been released

0:47 - Thoughts on HWC Showdown Open

01:06 - We had a celebrity guest taste tester try Imo’s Pizza

01:09 - Kamal Bey suspended for a year 

01:16 - Questions from friends

Oct 29, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - Bratke has a Red Bull and Ben has a large cup of coffee...let’s do this! 

0:01 - Is Henry Cejudo really going to try to make the Olympic Team?

0:13 - CP thinks a kid at Caleb’s club is lying about his age & Ben has a funny age story

0:15 -  Wrestling needs to stop playing the blame game

0:28 - Making picks for Saturday night’s 195 lbs 8-man bracket

01:05 - Bratke with a super spooky Alien Hour

01:15 - Questions from friends

Oct 28, 2020

Run of Show

0:00 - It’s really cold in Austin

0:01 - Ben is back to working outside

0:03 - State associations are canceling their seasons. What are the kids in those states going to do?

0:08 - Jumping into 8-man bracket talk. Sammy Brooks vs Nate Jackson is likely the best first round matchup

0:21 - Thoughts on Myles Martin vs Drew Foster

0:23 - We somehow start talking about ice cream, chicken, and pizza

0:31 - We finally get back to talking about Myles Martin and who he would want to see in the semis

0:35 - Alex Dieringer sadly tore his ACL, but is going to try and get back by the Olympic Trials

0:37 - We come back to Imo’s pizza and toasted ravioli 

0:39 - Questions from friends

0:55 - CP gets a DM from a very good wrestler wanting to wrestle another very good wrestler live on Flo

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